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Lensbaby Edge 80 Optic - Review

Posted by rudiharto Selasa, 14 Februari 2012 0 comment
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 Lensbaby  Edge 80 is a  Optic for Digital SLR cameras profesioal. Egde 80 Optic is an artificial product that is focused on the Lensbaby Optic for digital SLR cameras. Over the years the focus of the Lensbaby Optic how to create an image that is capable of producing incredible for photography enthusiasts.


Lensbaby Optic continues to develop products khusuhnya Lensbaby Optic Edge 80 by providing a touch of sophistication in each.
Lensbaby Optic Edge 80 with 80mm f2.8 telephoto lens is designed with a flexible grid-grid with a player focus. Short telephoto lens which is perfect for photo abstract, close-ups, and portraits.


80mm f2.8 telephoto lens on the Lensbaby Optic Edge 80 is a stunning result of sebuag products.

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